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Some time ago and over a hundred miles, a camera was calling my name. I picked up one of many cameras that I have used or owned and was allowed to take pictures. As an active youth I found myself outdoors; camping, backpacking, cross country skiing and sailing were all exciting and part of my photography journey. I remember taking pictures on a regular basis when I was 11, had my first camera not long after an Olympus Infinity Jr.

See my father was in the Navy before he met and married my mother or before I came along, he had been shooting with a Nikromat and later a Nikon FM. Pictures from skiing, camping, backpacking across the Midwest were some of his body of work. He continued to take pictures after he was married, I was born and to this day. Now at some point he share that with me and I took to seeing the world through a little glass viewfinder, ah I can still see it now. For the last 26 years I have had a camera of some type in my hands snapping pictures with film, these days its mostly digital (I still like shooting film). Landscapes, animals, macro and candid are where I am most happy.

My shooting style is such I am shooting to get the effect in the camera and not edit later. I am fascinated with the world around me and were it practical I would have my camera with me all the time. A few years ago I turned my hobby and passion into a business, as to at least pay for equipment to keep me happily snapping pictures and sharing them with everyone. I have been published commercially and won a number of awards. I volunteer my time as a photographer with the Lewis County Special Olympics.

Jason Baker

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wireless;   360-508-4349

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